After taking premature retirement in 1985 ,Col. A.S. Cheema along with Dr. G.S. Narula, S. Kashmir Singh Mangat and S. Jasbir Singh Kochar were discussing about the difficulties being faced by the parents due to lack of good English medium schools in Sriganganagar. Parents were hesitant to send children to residential public school in hills for giving good public school education. The eminent citizens of Ganganagar requested Col. A.S. Cheema, to take the task and responsibility of opening good English medium school in Sriganganagar.

It was his dynamic leadership, determination and zeal for doing social work in his home town; that he accepted the responsibility of establishing a good English medium CBSE school in Ganganagar for the benefit of children in villages. Col Cheema and his friends approached the citizens of Ganganagar and discussed the proposal. They went door to door to collect funds for establishing a school.

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